MULTIDIMENSIONAL OCEAN: Twin Flame Update by my Twin Flame Usakhar – 29 July 2014 – Multidimensional Ocean

Ascension Angel:

True… so true. God Bless you and Usakhar :)

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28059_1782897618515914_1754034648_nTwin flames share a lot in common in the higher realms. They share a lot of unbelievable love in terms of 3D love, but they also share their lives. That is past lives, present lives, parallel lives, and future lives.
They support each other for each challenge and difficulty in all and always.
They also share their thoughts, feelings, emotions, experiences. There is literally no secret that can be kept from one another.

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FRANHEAL: Lady Nada and Mother Mary: You are Magnificent Carriers of Love Everlasting, Designed and Equipped for the Task From Time-Beginning ~ July 28, 2014

Ascension Angel:

While I was running errands today, I thought of you… and the first thought was “worry”, because you haven’t posted in a while… so I said a little prayer aloud while driving… and then my head began to tingle… and when I saw this message a few minutes ago and read it… the tingling began again… but it left a much-appreciated feeling of peace! Thank you sweet Earth Angel Fran <3

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www.starseeds.netChanneled by Fran Zepeda July 27, 2014

Lady Nada and Mother Mary:

Hello dear sweet ones. We come before you together again to bring you Love Everlasting in concert and in Union for this Now Moment in ever-cascading streams of Love Everlasting and Enduring for all to tap into Forever and Always.

We are your mentors and guides in this in this Now Moment and we deliver our Love to you this moment and always in complete openness and fullness of all your Hearts put together. For imagine that, dear ones – Love Everlasting in Union with all Hearts at the same moment; it is a monumental task to undertake, yet fulfilling and magnificent in scope.

And so dear ones, we are here to help you examine and accept your capacity to do this, to join your Love Everlasting with all Hearts and with your whole Hearts. What a…

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TANIA MARIE’S BLOG: Where There is Sadness There is New Promise

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I love this Tania Marie… thank you for sharing your wisdom :)

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sadnessMuch of the time we judge emotions as good and bad and we feel that it’s wrong, unenlightened, or unevolved of us to have certain feelings that have been deemed as “less than”.

Feelings are there to be expressed, to move through us freely like the natural cycles and rhythms of life and nature all around us.

When feelings arise, it’s simply the divine journey of experience that, when embraced and allowed, returns us to who we really are.

Thank you Dawn for sharing this quote with from Matt. I hope it helps others to be more gentle with themselves and release the judgments, self-defeating thoughts, and punishment that do not serve the nature of you.

If you find yourself in sadness today, realize that you are journeying through a cycle of change that holds the promise of a new dawn.

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By Alex Pietrowski


Love makes us warm all over, and now scientists are creating body maps to prove it.

A team of scientists in Finland has used a topographical self-reported method to reveal the effects that different emotional states have on bodily sensations. After five experiments and over 700 participants from Finland, Sweden and Taiwan, who reported where on their bodies they felt different emotions, the scientists discovered surprising consistencies. Their research findings were published in theProceedings of the National Academy of Sciences:

Most basic emotions were associated with sensations of elevated activity in the upper chest area, likely corresponding to changes in breathing and heart rate. Similarly, sensations in the head area were shared across all emotions, reflecting probably both physiological changes in the facial area (i.e., facial musculature activation, skin temperature, lacrimation) as well as the felt changes in the contents of mind triggered by the emotional events. Sensations in the upper limbs were most prominent in approach-oriented emotions, anger and happiness, whereas sensations of decreased limb activity were a defining feature of sadness. Sensations in the digestive system and around the throat region were mainly found in disgust. In contrast with all of the other emotions, happiness was associated with enhanced sensations all over the body.

Research on behavioral and physiological responses to emotions could help in understanding mood disorders such as anxiety and depression.

Emotions coordinate our behavior and physiological states during survival-salient events and pleasurable interactions. Even though we are often consciously aware of our current emotional state, such as anger or happiness, the mechanisms giving rise to these subjective sensations have remained unresolved. Here we used a topographical self-report tool to reveal that different emotional states are associated with topographically distinct and culturally universal bodily sensations; these sensations could underlie our conscious emotional experiences. Monitoring the topography of emotion-triggered bodily sensations brings forth a unique tool for emotion research and could even provide a biomarker for emotional disorders.

This research is another great example of the mind and body connection. Our brain sends signals to the body as we deal with certain situations, causing certain physiological changes without any thought on our part. These bodily sensations in turn could be helping the mind to consciously recognize what emotions we are having. This type of research could help explain why making an effort to smile more or sitting straight instead of slouching can alter our brain, improve our mood, and change our general disposition.

“People look at emotions as something in relation to other people,” Antonio Damasio, who is a professor at the University of Southern California, says. “But emotions also have to do with how we deal with the environment — threats and opportunities.” For those, Damasio says, you need your body as well as your mind.

(source: NPR)

About the Author: Alex Pietrowski is an artist and writer concerned with preserving good health and the basic freedom to enjoy a healthy lifestyle. He is a staff writer for and an avid student of Yoga and life.



by Garima Roy

“If I had to limit my advice on healthier living to just one tip, it would be simply to learn how to breathe correctly.” — Andrew Weil

At a recent Yoga class, the teacher mentioned the importance of breathing and how it is our companion for life. Breath is so much more than just oxygen supply; its the one thing that remains constant and keeps us alive. Morihei Ueshiba said, “Everything in heaven and earth breathes. Breath is the thread that ties creation together.”

Notice a new-born child sleeping. Just watching the child take deep breaths while he/she is asleep is meditative. You will see the abdomen expanding and contracting to its full capacity; this is nature. When we are born, it is natural for us to take deep breaths but as we grow up, our breath tends to become more and more unconscious and shallow. Our breath becomes shorter and never reaches the abdomen, and we think we are breathing normally.

Unconscious breathing is an ailment caused due to the modern day lifestyle. The fast-paced, always-on-foot life has led to wrong posture, constant slouching in front of the laptop and computers, no time to exercise and business suits that doesn’t let our skin breathe. How many times do you say to yourself, “Just breathe”? We are constantly exposed to situations where we actually find ourselves out of breathe.

Breath is the life-force energy or Prana. Our heart beats because of the breaths we take and due to this natural bodily function, energy is disseminated to each and every part of our body. Unconscious and disordered breathing can lead to heart and respiratory diseases, muscle cramps, numbness, reduced cognition, panic attacks, superficial blood flow which in turn can lead to host of diseases. Therefore, its crucial and advisable to practice conscious breathing.

What is conscious breathing?

The conscious act of breathing involves inhaling oxygen deeply, holding your breath for 3-4 seconds and then exhaling slowly, till you can’t feel any sensation near your nose. Following this simple technique brings a great amount of positive changes to your body, mind and soul. This should be practiced daily for as long as you can. It is as important as sleeping and eating.

A combined research published in 2013 demonstrated that slow breathing increases alpha waves in the brain calming the mid-range waves which helps in inducing alert yet relaxed state of mind. It leads to burst of energy as million cells get rejuvenated which were starving due to unconscious breathing. Conscious breathing also helps in reducing stress levels, blood pressure, muscular tension, and much more.

Additionally, calm and conscious breathing has spiritual benefits which again can bring another shift in the way you approach your life. Conscious breathing demands you to be in the present, and when you are mindful of the present, you aren’t loaded with thoughts of the past and future.

Breath is powerful. As you breathe consciously, you become aware of your life force – in that awareness, you discover joy and positive emotions, and all the mindless thinking just dissolves. “Just breathe” are two magical words that you should always remember and practice. It will lead to a balanced mind that swims in the realm of peace, truth and serenity.

“When we inhale, the air comes into the inner world. When we exhale, the air goes out to the outer world. . . . When your mind is pure and calm enough to follow this movement, there is nothing; no “I,” no world, no mind nor body; just a swinging door.” ~Shunryu Suzuki

About the author: Garima Roy, former Radio host and an Independent Writer/ Journalist, loves to explore the world with her mind. Joy is her natural state of being.

DAILY OM: Shifting Roles ~ Supporting Your Spouse

by Madisyn Taylor

It is natural in a marriage for shifts to take place, and these can be navigated smoothly with open communication.

Throughout the course of a successful marriage or long-term commitment, the two people in the relationship may shift in and out of various roles. For example, one person in the couple may support the other person going back to school. In order to do this, he or she steps into a supporting role, setting aside certain goals or aspirations in order to provide a stable base from which his or her partner can launch in a new direction. There are many gifts of learning inherent in this role—from having the opportunity to embody a nurturing stance to feeling the pleasure of seeing a loved one thrive. When our partner expands his or her horizons, ours expand, too, and we gain access to a world that would otherwise remain closed to us.

However, there is also much to be said for having a turn to be the one stepping outside the box, perhaps taking time to attend to our personal healing, spiritual pursuits, or other interests. In order to maintain balance within our relationships, it’s important that we address these issues each time one person steps into a supporting role so the other can try something new. When we are conscious about acknowledging that one person is bearing a bit more of a burden so that the other can grow, we stand a better chance of making sure the ebb and flow in the relationship remains fair and equal.

The most important part of this process is open communication in which each person has a chance to express how they feel and come to an understanding about the roles they have agreed to play and when they expect them to shift. Each time a dynamic shift occurs, a ceremony of acknowledgment can lend an air of distinction to the moment. This can be a simple dinner date or an elaborate ritual, depending upon what works best for us at the time. Perhaps the most important thing is expressing gratitude to the person in the supporting role and encouragement to the person moving in a new direction. When the flow of feeling and communication is open, a healthy closeness develops that allows each person in the relationship to have a turn at each of these important roles.

OVERSOUL TEACHINGS: Focus On Your Inner Work

Ascension Angel:

Thank you for this wonderful message Wes :)

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Channeled through Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness, Oversoul Teachings

The best advice we can give any earthly seeker is not to take yourselves or your existence too seriously, and there’s nothing wrong with lightening up and enjoying your existence instead of feeling like you have to endlessly strive to do the things you’re on the earth to do.

You’re on your planet to do a lot of wonderful and miraculous things, but you won’t be able to do them if you’re stuck in a staunch or rigid frame of mind that keeps you from finding and acting on your creativity.

What many see as ’creativity’ is creative energy that lives in the minds and hearts of every earthly soul.

You can each access your creativity and use it for a wealth of helpful purposes, and when you realize that you’re creative beings by nature who are intended to use…

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MAYAN MESSAGES: Sunlight: Day 224, Kan 3

Ascension Angel:

Thank you Theresa :)

Originally posted on Mayan Messages:

SUNLIGHT Welcome to this grand and glorious day! Take time to soak up the blessings and warmth of the sun this day. Allow your skin to ingest the nutrients provided by your globe of light.

Greet the sun each morning as it rises, thanking it for the light and nutrition it provides you. Bid it farewell as it sets in the evening. There are many cycles of daily life that go unnoticed. Pay attention to these cycles and be thankful for the support they give you. Without the sun, moon, Earth and planets, you would not be able to exist in this Realm.

Using common sense, providing your body with a balanced and nourishing diet and acquiring daily doses of sunlight will have a beneficial effect on your overall health and energy level. Soak up the rays; it’s a lovely day! Selamet! Kan 3

For more information on the effects…

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JESUS via JOHN SMALLMAN: Many Dismiss Hope As Childish Nonsense ~ July 28, 2014


You are on the cusp, at the beginning of a new and wondrous way of relating to one another as the Tsunami of Love continues to intensify and bring into the collective awareness the realization that Love is the only way to resolve issues and conflicts whether between individuals, families, political or religious belief systems, or nations. It has taken you many eons to approach this point, this tipping point in human consciousness, and you should congratulate yourselves on the amazing progress that you have collectively achieved in the last three our four decades.

“Out there,” in the illusory world that you are helping to wake up, this does not seem to be the case, as conflicts and disagreements appear to be escalating, but what is in fact happening is that all the hidden motives, agendas, and deceits which have been ferociously denied for eons are now bursting into your conscious awareness and can no longer be denied or ignored. Wise souls, embodied as humans in positions of influence, are starting to use that influence consistently to calm the fears and reactive emotions of those who would escalate differences and intensify conflicts.

There have been a number of serious attempts to escalate anger and fury around the world over the last eighteen months or so with the intent of starting new wars, but they have all failed because of the Love that you are all sharing and extending, and as you intend that peace prevail upon the planet. You have all been swept up into the Tsunami of Love and the influence that is having would utterly amaze you if you could see what is really going on but is not being generally reported. Continue to hold that sense of love and well-being in your hearts and intend to share and extend it constantly, it is the most effective way to bring a desire for peace, tolerance, compassion, and understanding into the hearts of all those taking part in the numerous ongoing political solution-seeking negotiations worldwide.

And of course you are not alone, as you hope and pray for solutions to all the demanding and threatening issues you see around the world, the spiritual hierarchy are with you in uncountable numbers to help guide you safely to port. Your ship, Mother Earth, is in safe hands, yours, and those from the spiritual realms who have been lovingly watching over you and looking out for you over the eons as you have struggled to make sense of the insane games in which humanity has been engaged throughout its long and checkered history. The insanity is dissipating, disintegrating, in fact it can only dissolve in the endless and overwhelming flow of Love. Insanity is a reaction to a lack of Love, and that lack has been remedied by all of you moving steadily and powerfully into alignment and harmony with Love.

The time for insanity is passed as the insane all over the planet are increasingly being accepted and loved instead of being discarded, punished, tortured, imprisoned, or hidden away in shame. This may not yet be apparent to you, but it is happening. And be aware that the insane who are contained by society in institutions for “their own safety” are hardly insane at all, they are just totally at odds with the insanity of the world in which they find themselves. The truly insane are those who would, by rules, regulations, and force of arms control the peoples of the world, and divide them into opposing camps to fight one another . . . indefinitely!

As you have heard before the Tsunami of Love embraces all in Its path – everything and everyone is in Its path – unconditionally and with infinite acceptance. You are divine beings because God created you, and what He creates is, of its very nature, divine. What is divine is of infinite value, worth, esteem, a priceless pearl. No one is outside God’s divine embrace, no one ever could be. It is only humanity, within the illusion, that chooses to separate, discount, disrespect, and discard, and those activities are as unreal as the illusion. But until a soul accepts that there is only Love he or she can refuse to acknowledge It and can close itself off from its Source. The Source, of course, remains, the soul just refuses to see, to be aware, but the illusion is crumbling, and when it is gone there will be no place left in which to pretend to hide.

You are blessed and guided in every moment as you make your individual, and sometimes very different ways forward toward your inevitable awakening. To remain asleep is not an option. As humans, however tired you my be, you will always awaken from sleep because the body can only take so much of it, the amount varies due to your varying metabolisms, but remaining asleep is not an option even should you wish not to be awake and experiencing life as a human, as some who are very depressed might choose if they could. As divine beings of infinite power, and with awareness, knowledge, and understanding of all of creation you would not and do not wish to remain enmeshed in the state of extremely limited consciousness that the illusion imposes upon you, like a very deep sleep.

The thought to be different, to be separate from your Source, was but momentary, it just appears to be a multitudinous number of eons long because of the power of your collective imagination when you constructed that, at the time intriguing, state. There are none among you as humans who do not wish to depart from that unfortunate state and leave all its tiresome appurtenances behind them. But because you constructed it so astutely you have convinced yourselves that it is reality, that there is no way out of it, and that there is nowhere to go that would be safer, more secure, or more welcoming. But again, deep within you the inextinguishable flame of Love burns constantly calling you to awaken, and this has, over the eons caused you massive confusion. How could you logically hope for release into something better when you believe that you know that there is no alternative, and yet that hope remains, pushing you to search for meaning and for God.

Many dismiss hope as childish nonsense, and yet they are unable to uproot it and discard it. Eventually, when the situation truly becomes intolerable, everyone turns inwards, to God, or to whatever they choose to call or name the Supreme being. And your Source is always there waiting to respond to that call. That is what surrender is all about, it is about discounting your logical thinking mind/brain and allowing the knowledge of your true nature to embrace you.

You have never been abandoned, and you will never be abandoned because you are One with God, inseparable from Him. Go within, to your inner sanctuary, invite Him in – Unconditionally! There is no point in trying to limit His infinite Love for you by demanding logical proof of his existence while you remain firmly secured to the illusion by your belief in it. You cannot serve two masters! Choose God or your ego. There is no alternative, and your ego is a mind construct that is unreal. So truly you have only one choice and that is to open your heart to commune with God, just as it was made to do, while you let all the distractions, worries, and fears of the illusion fall away. To attempt to remain in the illusion and keep it real is insane, it is a fear driven idea, and fear, like insanity is but an absence of Love . . . but only BECAUSE you have chosen to shut It out!

Your loving brother, Jesus.

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HEAVENLETTERS: Believe in God and Yourself ~ July 28, 2014 said:

You want to get over feeling sorry for yourself. Feeling sorry for yourself is feeling sorrow. Sorrow comes from a sense of lack or even betrayal. Something was taken from you. Something was denied you, or never given to you, or was stolen from you. And so you make yourself a victim of a theft. You don’t want to do this. No matter what, you don’t want to do this to yourself or to anyone else. This is what feeling sorry does. It is an insult. It is not a good way of thinking, and it is not a good way of feeling.

You don’t want to imbue yourself with the idea that you are an unfortunate. Regardless of your situation, regardless of how dire your situation may seem to you and to the world, you don’t want to publically bet your money on the wrong horse. Your mind becomes a defeated nag, and you back up that nag. You don’t want to broadcast that you choose sniveling. What good does that do you?

If your income is reduced, why proclaim that you are not worth a cup of coffee any longer. The money in your pocket is not your worth. You don’t have to spend foolishly, yet you don’t have to demonstrate your sense of lack and declare to the Universe that you are not worth a dime any longer.

How you talk about yourself is how you project. It is as if you say to the Universe, “I am worth so little. I am not worth much at all.” The Universe hears this impartially and responds in kind.

Even if you are down to your last dime, you don’t want to project this. You have resources at your disposal. You have heart and mind. Have a modicum of faith in yourself. Bet on yourself. Give away your last dime, and see it multiply.

Don’t give solely from a motivation to gain. That makes you someone who trades, not a giver. The same giving when you give to give or give to shore up your bank account may well not bring the same result. Give to give and not to get. Give to give, and you open up gates within yourself. You open channels within yourself. An idea will come. Something will change. Belief in yourself may require some urging from you. Belief in yourself and belief in Me are two things you want and are two sides of the same coin.

You can know ahead of time that I am betting on you. Live as a hero and not a victim. Be a bright light on Earth and light up others.

If you are discouraged, you don’t have to tell the world, because how the world sees you also makes its impression upon you.

Imagine all the criss-crossing of thoughts and energy that go on. Imagine all the traffic. Direct traffic the way you want it to go. Say Yes to yourself. If you want a green light, give out a green light.

You cannot fairly judge your life and your worth on a segment of your life. You carry your life with you. Of course, beyond a doubt, stay on the sunny side of life. Why would you ever want to be on the shady side. If you choose the shady side, why would you broadcast it? Why would you call yourself to attention that doesn’t benefit you? Why would you indicate: “Look, see me. See how downtrodden I am. Misery follows me.” And then you wipe a tear to demonstrate your condition.

No more, beloveds. Send out different signals. They will be heard and resound as well. Stand tall, and you will be standing tall.

THE ORACLE REPORT: Monday, July 28, 2014

Mitch Goat Lake WA

Monday, July 28, 2014

New Moon Phase: begin

Moon in Leo

Ruling Wisdom Goddess: Bhairavi (The Fierce Goddess)

Skill: find and embrace something new

Negative Imprint: old rituals, arrogance, jealousy, ageism, overbearing, territorial

Positive Imprint: new rituals, openness, compromise, innovation, revitalization

  • The Moon continues to travel through the sign of Leo after making conjunction with the Black Moon earlier today. This means the theme of change is strong today, particularly change to the order or status of things. Those with the Sun or Black Moon in the signs of Leo or Aquarius feel the effects most keenly, though each of us faces our shadow side at one point or another while the Moon is in Leo. As I discussed in the new audio “Singing Stones Bridging Over the Chaos” (available on the top of, where I talk about what’s ahead this month, we want to be particularly mindful of when the Moon enters the sign of our own natal Black Moon, as well. When that happens, it will produce a face-to-face encounter with ourselves in order to call forth something from deep in our hearts. (If you do not know the sign of your natal Black Moon you can refer to Appendix I in my book on the Black Moon, available for free download, and read the corresponding information in Chapter 2.)
  • Today’s energy tends to bring the need to make a choice about something significant. A combination of the old and the new is the best option. Things must change, but they can build from the familiar. Leaps of faith and the crossing of chasms is implied all month long, as is heart-healing. If you are feeling stuck, boxed in, or trapped, or if there are conflicting views, use your heart to guide you. The heart has neural (brain) cells also, so it is truly a heart/mind combination when we listen to our hearts.
  • A revitalization of our energy is on tap today if we are open to changes. Self-care/self-nurturing activities multiply the refreshing effects. Spiritual warriors tend to put others first, thinking they can tap their inner well of resources for a long time without need for replenishment. Today, be willing to extend yourself to yourself. Fill yourself back up. Taking in some of the glorious Leo sunlight.
  • If a grand dramatic performance unfolds for your viewing today, look deeper. Are you being played? It is easy for things to not be as they seem today. As such, we want to be wise in what we reveal.
  • We are living in the midst of systematic deconstruction of the new world order’s agenda. This has been planned for quite a long time. My initial experience with the Mahavidyas, the personae of the Wisdom Goddess Gaia Sophia, was in early 2009. At that time, the Mahavidya Kali explained to me that the “time of change” was upon the world. This time last year during the Mahavidya Bhairavi’s cycle, we were fortifying our hearts for what was to come – for what has developed over the past year. We became brave-hearted. We are now becoming lionhearted. And, like Bhairavi, lions are fierce. We face the changes with ferocity of spirit and the vision of life in natural world order.
  • Your support of the Oracle Report is much appreciated.

NewAgeLove: ☆ July 28th 2014 AngelScope ☆

Ascension Angel:

These are the most divine cards Grace… and so are you :)

Originally posted on newagelove:


Ascension is remembering that only love is real. Ascension is remembering that yes, you are physical, but you are also Divine. As you realise your own truth and the multidimensional nature of your divinity, this enlightens you and empowers others on your planet to do the same.

So what may you do? For starters, choose love in all areas of your life, this enables the light codes of your higher self to be fully activated in your physical body. This allows you the means to fully ascend. Full ascension is full awareness of yourself in all dimensions. This is where you are headed and as long as you keep choosing love, you shall achieve. It is quite simple really. We in the realms above understand that it is not easy for you to always choose love, but know that love is essential for your continued ascension.

Quiet time for meditation…

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How do you get feeling complete and connected to the Earth and others? It takes effort, but it is worth it. We must bring our focus outside of ourselves to allow us to reach out to people and to the world around us in positive ways. Loving, laughing, giving ourselves to others, spending time with friends and those in need to taking care of the environment or a companion animal, all promote positive interaction. Here are 10 steps to help you get connected.

1. Nature and Earth

If you think of nature as a hostile force that is separate from yourself, you will go through life unnecessarily afraid and cut off from one of the great sources of spiritual nourishment. Whether you connect with nature on wilderness trips or lunch breaks in a city park, you can always slow down and observe the infinite variety of her ways. One way to connect with nature is through plants: gardening, collecting plants from the wild, growing cactuses and flowering bulbs, and having unusual and useful plants in and around the home can all help promote connectedness with nature. Plants can enrich your daily life, bring comfort and joy, and remind you that however you think of yourself, you are also part of the natural world.

2. Animals

Research shows that people who have pets have less illness than people who do not. Pet owners also recover faster from serious illness and tend to be happier. Ex-prisoners who form relationships with pets have lower recidivism rates than those who do not. While pets can and inevitably will bring owners great joy, they are a responsibility: they demand a certain level of attention and care. However, the rewards that pets give in return are often too great to be measured. Loving and caring for a pet is a great way to learn how to love and care for other humans and nature.

3. Family and Relationships

We are not meant to be alone – we are meant to be parts of bigger families, bands, and tribes. Human beings want and need the intimate support of a real family. Unfortunately, the nuclear family of our modern society is contracted. It is hard not to look at the “extended families” of some cultures with wistful longing, if not outright envy. Where I live, in southern Arizona, the Hispanic population seems way ahead of the rest of us in providing for the needs of family. In many Hispanic families the old people, even when infirm, continue to be valued members and live at home. Don’t settle for nuclear family contraction. Extend!

4. Community

Community is the sense of living and working together for common goals. We are naturally communal beings and derive great satisfaction from the experience of belonging to a group with a common purpose. The strength and comfort of community come from the principle that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Our society often fails to provide for this need, and unless we work to create community, it does not happen, or does so in unhealthy ways. You can define community any way you want. It may be your neighborhood, your sports team, your environmental action group, your church, your social club. What makes it work is what you bring to it and the role you let it play in your life. This kind of connectedness gives us the power to improve our lives and make the world a better place.

5. Allowing

By allowing it means we don’t take control of the decisions of others, especially if they disagree with our own sensibilities. Absolute connection and freedom means freedom for all. It means giving up controlling ourselves and controlling others. When we think with a mind that is not free, when we are worried about what others will think or say about us, we try to control situations and people to prevent ourselves from being hurt. We enter a defensive mode for self preservation. We can never fully connect with others and the planet until we know peace and joy through allowing.

6. Serving

Selfless service means giving of yourself to help others with no thought of return. Many religious traditions extol the ideal of selfless service as one of the great aids to dismantling the ego cage and restructuring personality. Each day provides countless opportunities to practice putting others’ interests ahead of your own, such as giving of your time, energy and presence to reduce the suffering or increase the happiness of others. The goal is not to acquire spiritual merit, increase your chances of going to heaven, or earn the admiration of the community. Instead, service is a way of acknowledging that we are all one and that the happiness of each is connected to the happiness of all. The more you can experience the interconnectedness of all beings, the healthier you will be.

7. Loving

To love is to experience connection in its highest, purest form. Humans tend to confuse loving with other feelings that take us back into the world of separateness and fragmentation. Popular songs today seem to be mostly about the joys and pains of romantic love, not about loving as connection, which is something altogether different. Learning to love takes practice and time, especially in a culture that is focused so intensely on romantic love. In intimate relationships that work, the in-love state is replaced by mutual loving. That can happen only if both partners are mature and committed to a life together. Many people today have no idea what to do when they fall out of love with their partners; they think it means there is no possibility of continuing the relationship, which is why divorce rates are now so high. Realizing that you have within you a limitless source of love that can benefit everyone and everything will help you form the best and strongest connections of your life.

8. Laughing

It’s no secret that laughter is good for you and, even when indulged in liberally, is gloriously free of side effects. Laughter is a simple stress reducer, a kind of natural Valium, but is also allows us to connect to other people in such unique ways, that it cannot be duplicated through any other method. Laughter helps people cope with the surprises of life. Humor is good for the body and so good for relationships. Those who laugh daily decrease tension, depression and anger.

9. Touching

Human beings need to touch and be touched. A great deal of animal and human research shows that individuals deprived of physical contact are insecure, poorly adjusted, and more prone to illness. Some cross-cultural research suggests that sexually repressed and touch-deprived societies are much more given to violence. Our own society, unfortunately, is in that category. Touching is an easy connection to make because it feels so good. Please do more of it.

10. Higher Powers

One reason the 12-step programs work as treatments for addiction is that they encourage connection to a power greater than yourself. It does not matter much how you conceive of that higher power; what matters is the sense of connection to it. You are free to choose the way you conceive of the universe and your place in it. People who experience themselves as part of and supported by something larger than themselves are less fearful and more healthy than people who view the world through the bars of an ego cage, seeing the world as separate from themselves, and as being disconnected.



By Ray Kamille

Keeping it simple…

“It can scarcely be denied that the supreme goal of all theory is to make the irreducible basic elements as simple and as few as possible without having to surrender the adequate representation of a single datum of experience.” ~’Einstein’s razor’

3 simple things to observe that lead to ‘enlightenment’…

Observing these three simple things, time has no meaning, money is irrelevant, and the concept of selfish… evaporates like the morning dew.

1. Every creature, every person, every thing, every where, makes the very ‘best’ action, makes the very best choice… considering all the information they perceive.

2. Every creature, every person, every thing, every where, is intimately connected to one another, as if it is, one grand organism.

3. The very ‘best’ action, the very ‘best’ choice, is the one that considers every creature, every person, every thing, every where to the benefit of one another, as if it is in fact, one grand organism.

In truth, we are all one. We are all apart of each other. The observance and awareness of that connection between each other is what is known as Enlightenment, and the practicing of seeing that connection and acting upon it with virtue and honor strengthens bonds and builds powerful relationships, with ourselves, each other, and the higher connections that are far beyond our knowing in these physical vessels.

We are One,

With all of my love,



There are Six Metaphysical Laws of Prosperity, inviolable principles and maxims beyond the physical plane that dictate a person’s future success and ultimate prosperity.

1. The Metaphysical Law of Human Radiation recognizes that each person is basically a powerful energy source that radiates a karma of thoughts and feelings, emotions or “vibes,” if you will. In a philosophical way, we are both living magnets and power sources of human energy–a yin and yang in oriental thinking. This law teaches us that as we radiate out our unique energy, we attract into our lives those people and circumstances that are in tune with our unique thoughts. You attract to yourself what you radiate out from yourself, whether it is positive or negative. People of a similar mind tend to group together. Your close friends probably think much like you do. They have become your close friends because of this metaphysical law of human radiation. It confirms the old adage that birds of a feather flock together. Others immediately recognize fundamentally good people because of the aura they cast. They easily attract friends. People instinctively trust them. This occurs by the metaphysical Law of Human Attraction. Those who have few or no friends also operate under the Law of Attraction. Somehow the true natures of people shine through and others instinctively know who they really are inside.


For years you have heard that you are what you eat. It is true, but did you know that you become what you think about all the time? This is equally true. There is another maxim that guides your life: what you radiate out, you also attract to yourself. Stated differently, what a person thinks about all the time is attracted into his life. Show me someone who is passionately consumed with a belief or concept, who lives, breathes, and eats a particular idea, and I will show you a person who will have that preoccupation become a reality in his or her life.

With this metaphysical law of attraction in mind, obviously you want to be very positive and optimistic in your outlook so that you will attract those developments in your life. This is much more than just “positive thinking,” although there is certainly nothing wrong with positive thinking. Success visualization is a process that changes our lives by creating images in our minds that ultimately become reality. These images are first just anticipation, but they quickly become an expectation, and finally an intrinsic belief. Over time you “know” that this will become a reality in your life. Since you are creating your life every day, you are also creating your future.

2. The Metaphysical Law of Self-Determination is an acknowledgment of the role of personal responsibility. It is your “self” that determines your fate and nothing and no one else. The self-determination you feel within gives you the strength to overcome all the obstacles you will face in life. You must take personal responsibility for your actions and the results in your life. Your “self” must become strong and determined. You always succeed through self-determination.

3. The Metaphysical Law of Continuous Growth reveals that you cannot succeed in life if you stop growing mentally. Personal self-improvement and professional educational growth should be your never-ending quest. To enjoy continued success and prosperity, you must always be learning and striving for improvement. The Metaphysical Law of Continuous Growth is the accepted way of life for truly successful people. Remember, when you stop growing, you are ripe. And when you are ripe, you start to rot. If you are not reading and learning new things regularly, then your brain is withering away. To earn more, you must learn more.

4. The Metaphysical Law of Self-Direction basically dictates that you are happiest and feel the best about yourself and your work to the degree that you are self-directed in your vocational activities and in your personal life. From a vocational standpoint, you must be able to express your creativity and individuality or you become an unhappy robot. If you feel you are controlled by others or by circumstances out of your control, you will find yourself generally unhappy. People want to feel they are self-directed at work, even though they really may not be.

This law was discovered decades ago during the period when factories dominated the U.S. economy. Employees were treated as machines and were not given even the slightest power to vary their activity. Unfortunately, this is still prevalent today in meat cutting plants, assembly lines and other low-level jobs. The factory worker who works on the assembly line has little control over his work and generally feels frustrated and unfulfilled. The secretary who pounds the word processor and routinely files meaningless papers day after day generally feels stifled and dehumanized. The positive aspect of this law has been rediscovered recently by companies like Saturn that advertise that their employees can now stop “the line” by pulling a cord when they see something wrong. To them it is a big deal.

In your personal life it is also important to feel self-directed. Teenagers don’t like to be under the strict authority of their parents. Women don’t like to be bossed around by their husbands and vice versa. Everyone wants to be in control of his or her own life. The question you must ask yourself is “Who is in control of my life?” To be happy in life, the answer should be “you.”

5. Most successful people live The Metaphysical Law of Positive Choices. These people recognize that during each day there are literally hundreds of choices to make, most seemingly small but ultimately important, and with each choice there is a consequence. They recognize that there is a cause and effect in everything they do. Everything in your life today was brought about by the choices you made in the past-everything!

Successful people make careful, thoughtful choices because they know that the events they cause create their future. They tend to be pro-active people who plan ahead and work toward predetermined goals. They function daily by the logical principle of cause and effect. Thoughtful people recognize that they cause the developments in their lives and are responsible for the results. They work hard and expect positive results.

In contrast, unsuccessful people don’t make conscious choices. They believe that everything happens to them by accident and that they have no control over their destinies, when in fact they create their future daily by the choices they make. Unsuccessful people consider themselves victims. They have no long term goals, in fact, no plans beyond the short term. They hope for the best, but make absolutely no plans to make the best happen. The concept of positive choices and cause and effect are foreign to their way of thinking.

6. The Metaphysical Law of Strong Conviction and Positive Expectations mandates that whatever you believe with absolute conviction and confidently expect to happen becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy and will become a reality in your life. The two powerful parts of this law are conviction and expectation. They are really the same concept, because if you believe something with absolute conviction, you also expect it to become true. It recognizes the powerful force of your will to succeed.

If you continuously build your convictions about your inevitable success in life, you will instinctively take the appropriate actions that will bring about the results you reverently desire. What we expect to happen, happens. Very successful people in life live by this law. They anticipate and expect success, and they achieve it. These positive expectations have a powerful impact on our relationships and on the events in our lives, such that the expectations really do influence the outcome.

Worry is negative goal setting and negative expectations. It is thinking about, talking about and imagining exactly what we don’t want to happen. It is the exact opposite of the Metaphysical Law of Strong Conviction and Positive Expectations. To be successful, become obedient to the Law of Positive Expectations and visualize success daily in everything you do.